Mattress Size

Mattress Size

Mattress size will be on of the first questions you face when you begin your hunt for a new mattress.  You will find a number of mattress sizes available when you are shopping for your next mattress.  The mattress size you choose will depend on such things as: the room you are putting the new mattress in, your height and weight, and whether there will be two sleepers on the bed, and how much room you require for a comfortable nights rest.  Below are links to our pages for the most common mattress sizes-

King Size Mattresses

Queen Size Mattresses

Full Size (Double) Mattresses

Twin Mattresses

Crib and Custom Mattresses


If you are buying for children, you may need to consider a mattress size that the child can grow in to, otherwise you may be buying a new mattress much sooner than you need to.

If you are placing the bed in a smaller room, perhaps the mattress size you need is a double rather than a queen.

A larger couple may need a California King set up rather than the standard King Mattress size.

All these factors come in to play-

Here is a chart to help you visualize the mattress size differences-

As you can see, there is a large variance in the options available.

Comparison of US Mattress Sizes



  • Mattress should be longer than tallest person sleeping on the bed and wide enough so that each sleeper can lie on bed in their natural sleeping position and not reach the edge.
  • Does the bed need to be large enough for the family and pets to join you on weekends.
  • Do you end up so close together that each others movements disrupts the others sleep (motion transfer)


  • Your Teen will be growing, is the new mattress size large enough to allow for this.
  • Can your teen relax, do homework and socialize on the bed.
  • If the child leaves for college can you use the bed and the room as a guest room?

Younger Children-

  • Again, select a mattress your child can grow into rather than out of.
  • Does the mattress size allow you to fit on the bed to help when they are scared, are read to or you are comforting them while sick.

Guest Rooms-

  • Will the mattress size allow for two guests (couples) to stay there, do you choose Twin beds instead of a Double or Queen?
  • Is it comfortable for you to sleep on if your partner is snoring or sick?

We recognize that while deciding on the mattress size is not a life or death decision, we do want you to consider some of the things that go in to making a sound buying decision as mattresses are not cheap and we all appreciate value as well as usefulness.

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