Mattress Types

Mattress Types

We Know Mattresses recognizes that you have a number of different mattress types to choose from.  Which mattress type will be the best for you, which mattress type will be the best value, what are the pros and cons of the different mattress types.  Essentially you need a run down on the different mattress choices available to you.  Here are the most popular mattress types you will find out on the market:

Innerspring Mattress Type:

Innerspring– The most common mattress type is the innersping mattress, comprised of an inner core, coil or spring.  The innerspring mattress accounts for up to 80% of the mattress market.  The first innerspring mattresses were developed around since the 1860’s, today there are three standard coil types: hourglass, pocketed, and continuous.  Coils properties include their gauge, whether they are ‘tempered’ and their ‘working turns’.  The comfort and support an innerspring mattress gives is related to their ‘coil count’.  For more in-depth information on the innerspring mattress, visit our Innerspring Mattress page.

Memory Foam Mattress Type:

Memory Foam– Another popular mattress type is made of memory foam.  The basic formula that would become memory foam was originally developed by NASA in the 1960’s.  NASA released the basic product to the general public in the 1980’s.  A swedish firm, Fagerdala World Foams, acquired the rights to the NASA product and continued to refine it for commercial use.  In 1991 the Swedish Tempur-Pedic mattress was introduced to the world.  Memory Foam molds itself to the sleepers body to provide support.  You will find more information about the memory foam mattresses on our memory foam mattress page. 

Latex Mattress Type:

Latex-Latex is a mattress type similar to the memory foam.  Latex has been around for decades but has been experiencing a resurgence.  Latex is derived naturally from the sap of the rubber tree, it can also be created synthetically.  Latex is a natural eco-friendly option for many consumers.  Similarly to memory foam, it is hypoallergenic.  Like other foam mattresses, latex can be used on adjustable beds, it is also popular for the medical industry.  Learn even more about latex mattresses on our Latex Mattress page

Waterbed Mattress Type:

Waterbeds– Big in the 70’s, waterbeds are still around.  Today waterbeds are available either with a single chamber for water or with multiple chamber environment that help provide a ‘waveless’ environment.  A waterbed mattress type can be either hard or soft sided and the technology available today makes modern waterbeds a far cry from their 1970’s predecessors.  Learn more here on our waterbed mattress page.

Air Mattress Type:

Air Mattresses– Air mattresses and beds are another area where technology has brought this mattress type to the forefront of the industry.  In the early 80’s Comfortaire began manufacturing air mattresses that performed like the traditional innerspring variety, but allowed for adjustable firmness.  Modern air mattresses have an inner core of special air chambers for support that can be adjusted by the sleeper.  The most well known air mattresses are the sleep Number Beds, manufactured by Select Comfort.  Go to our air mattress page to learn more.


Futons– Futons saw an increase in popularity during the 1970’s also.  Futon have become a very popular alternative to traditional mattress types and beds.  The are based on but different than the traditional Japanese futon, and come in a large variety of styles and degrees of quality.  Today you will find futons ranging from the basic ‘college room’ design on up to models that rival and compete with the finest traditional beds and sofa’s.  Check out our Futons page for a greater in depth look.

Adjustable Mattress Type:

Adjustable Beds and Mattresses– Adjustable beds and mattresses have long been used in the medical field.  These mattress types have a multi hinged surface on which the mattress lays and are adjustable to provide a number of different reclining positions.  The most common positions entail raising the knees and torso and adjusting the height and tilt of the bed for ease of getting in and out.  Modern adjustable bed offer many options, learn more on our adjustable beds page.

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