Custom Mattresses and Cribs

Custom Mattresses:

Custom mattresses– most manufacturers will make custom mattresses in sizes varying from 30 to 54 inches wide and 60 to 84 inches long.  There are also specialty vendors who will make custom mattresses to very specific size and use- for example boats, small cabins, and van conversions.  An example of such a manufacturer in our area would be Seattle Mattress.

Crib Mattresses:

Crib mattresses are, not unsurprisingly, the size of cribs, typically about 28 inches wide by 52 inches long.  It is always a good idea though to measure your crib size to make sure it is in fact the standard dimensions.  The mattress should be comfortably snug in the crib, there should not be an obvious gap between the mattress and the crib frame and you should not be able to easily get more than one finger between the two.

The mattress should be fairly firm.  babies need a somewhat solid sleep surface as they are unable to move themselves out of positions where their face sinks in to the mattress if they get turned over.

Foam crib mattresses are generally less expensive that coil mattresses and are generally just as safe as long as they are not too soft.  Foam mattresses are generally lighter, making it easier to move and clean them and their sheets.  For a coil mattress, check the number of coils, the more coils, generally the firmer the mattress will be.

Covers- Multi layer covers are best when it comes to durability.  Some crib mattresses also have an anti-microbial layer on top that will help cut down on germs from spit ups and diaper accidents.  Check how the mattress is sealed, do the deals appear sturdy, or weak and likely to split open?  If allergies run in the family, a fully sealed mattress may be the best option

If you’re concerned about quality, check to see if the crib mattress manufacturer is a member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Assocation or that the crib mattress carries a JPMA seal. Companies that are involved with JPMA have to meet certain professional and quality standards for their products to be in good standing with this industry organization.

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