Full Size Mattress Double Guide

Full Size Mattress (also called a Double):

Full size mattresses:

Also known as ‘Double’ mattresses, are the best fit for users who are five feet five and less in height.  Full size mattresses measure:

  • Standard Full size mattress:    54 inches wide by 75 inches long
  • Double XL Full size mattress: 54 inched wide by 80 inches long

Mattress size chart

Full size sets are great for smaller rooms and also guest rooms.  They are not as wide as the Queen of King, and may not be as good a fit for a couple as perhaps two twin size beds.

Full size mattresses are best for sleepers who are 5 feet 5 inches or less (as noted above), they are generally less expensive than a Queen set, and have become popular with parents who are choosing to buy a double or full size mattress rather than a twin mattress for their teenagers.

The full size sets are very popular in the hotel industry.  You are almost always offered Two Doubles or a Queen or King size when you book your room.  They are also popular at college as many families use this opportunity to send off the extra bedroom double with their college freshman and get a nice new Double or Queen to replace it.

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